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Welcome To Holistic Schools

Welcome to Holistic Schools, where education goes beyond the classroom! Established in 2009, we are a co-educational Nursery, Primary and Secondary School located in the heart of Ikorodu, Lagos. At Holistic Schools, we believe that every child deserves a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academics, but also fosters personal growth, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our school is government-approved and staffed with highly qualified teachers who are passionate about helping students achieve their full potential. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to challenge and engage students at every level. From our early years programme, where our littlest learners are encouraged to explore, to our secondary school programme, where students are prepared for the challenges of the future, we provide a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages students to excel.

But at Holistic Schools, we don’t just stop at academic excellence. We believe that education should be holistic, encompassing all aspects of a child’s development. That’s why we offer a range of extracurricular activities that allow students to explore their interests and passions outside of the classroom. Whether it’s sports, music, drama, or community service, there’s something for every student at Holistic Schools.

So if you’re looking for a school that will help your child reach their full potential, look no further than Holistic Schools. We welcome you to join our community of learners and discover the power of a holistic education.

We create a learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Our vision and mission statements are centered on creating a comprehensive educational experience that supports students’ overall well-being and prepares them for success in all aspects of their lives.

Our Vision

Providing quality and affordable education, resulting in building peculiar and holistic chuldren through a blend of academic and spiritual excellence, god helping us

Building peculiar people as future leaders that will build a Strong and united nation to the glory of God

Our Mission

Join us on A journey towards creating a brighter future for our children by providing them with an education that empowers them to be their best selves.

Whether you’re looking for innovative teaching strategies, wellness programs, or community-building opportunities, Holistic Schools is here to empower you on your educational journey. Join us in cultivating a brighter, more holistic future for our students and society as a whole.

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